Does My Business Need a Website?

Not sure whether your business needs a website? Fear not! Today we go into detail on the reasons your business may or may not benefit a website.

Why Does My Business NOT Need a Website?

Let’s start with the reasons why you might NOT need a website! There aren’t many, but we’ll list these first so you can rule out a website right away if this isn’t the right option for you at this time.

#1) You just started your business and don’t have the budget for it.

You should plan to spend anywhere from $2,000 – $5,000 for a very basic website with a few elegant pages, a contact form, a photo gallery, social media links, etc. This does not include any purchase/order/shopping cart functionality, which will drastically¬†increase that price range. If you don’t have this in your budget yet, you’ll want to wait until you do so you can get it done right.


#2) You have too many customers, and don’t want anyone else to find you.

Maybe you’re closing down business in a couple years and are whittling down your customer base. If you’re in a shrinking phase with your company it might not make sense to build a new website. Consider whether you’ve completely turned your focus away from marketing, sales, and advertising – if you have then it’s probably not time to build a new website.


#3) Your business doesn’t rely on new customers.

If you’re in the unique position of never needing to find new customers, you may not need a website. This includes cases where you retain clients for a very long-term and have a full workloads, or where your business only has one customer – such as a government contract. You may still want to branch out, but a website isn’t necessarily the best use of funds when you aren’t actively seeking new customers.

Why Does My Business Need a Website?

Still with me? Now that we’ve ruled out the reasons you may NOT need a website, let’s delve into all the reasons you might.

#1) You’re looking for new customers.

A website is a great place to bring prospective customers who might be interested in learning more about your business and working with you. Use this as a hub where you direct your social media followers, where your business cards point, where your Google Maps local business contact info points – everything should converge on your website. Then you can focus on a unified approach for engaging, informing, and eventually selling and onboarding those new customers. While your new customers may have come through disparate channels, they all eventually hit your website. From there, you can direct them into a funnel, show them the same onboarding copy, etc.

#2) You want to get the word out.

A website is also the place you’ll point your paid ads to. Whether you’re running advertising campaigns to find new customers or spread brand awareness, you’ll want your ads to get the word out and bring users to your website. Once there, you’ll already be set up to give them any information they may need, overcome any customer objections, and make the sale.

#3) You want people to be able to find you.

A website gives you a place to publish your contact info. A local map with your store. A beautiful photo gallery. News and announcements. Make sure all the info needed to find you is present on your website and easy to find.

#4) You want your brand to feel unified.

Your website is the glue that binds together all the separate pieces of your business. It also unifies your brand as a complete experience. Users should be able to flow from your social media accounts, to your website, to your Maps page, to your contact form. Use your website as a portal that connects all the public-facing pieces of your business. Your brand will feel more unified and grounded as a result.

Final Thoughts

These are just a few of the reasons why YOU need a website. It is, however, a big consideration and I urge people not to rush into the process. If you’re looking to find a web developer, take a look at¬†Where to Find a Web Developer and don’t forget to let me know in the comments whether you found this info helpful.