Does My Small Business Need a Website?

We’ve given a lot of suggestions forĀ where to find a web developer and how to hire one, but what if you’re not sure whether you need one? Should your small business even have a website? Maybe the cost is too high and the benefit too low for a small business. If you’re curious, keep reading and we’ll dig into the specific benefits as well as the costs.

What Age Group are your Customers in?

This may be the biggest question you have to ask yourself when deciding whether a website will help your small business. Websites are extremely relevant for people age 40 and younger. If your average customer fits this bill, then you should absolutely have a website.

If your average customer is over 40, you may still want to consider a website but it’s no longer imperative that you have one.

If your average customer is over 50, a website may be a waste of capital.

If your average customer is 65+, then a website would almost certainly be a total waste.

Over time, we’ll see these demographics change. In 20 years, I’ll be suggesting that every single small business have a website without exception. For now, the smart choice may be to forego all the costs associated with building and upkeep on a website if you’re working strictly with older demographics.

Is Your Business Growing?

Another big question you’ll want to ask yourself is whether your business is in a growth phase. If you’ve got a set group of clients that never changes and you aren’t looking for new work – you may not need a website.

Similarly if you’re finding yourself inundated with work, maybe a website would bring more customers than you can handle.

Finally, If you’re in the last years of a business and whittling down your customer-base as you approach retirement or a new venture – you may also be in the position where a website won’t match your downsizing goals.

Deciding whether or not your current business goals include growth should give you a good idea if you’ll want a website or not


So you’ve decided that you might want a website, based on your customer demographic or your growth goals. But what else can a website do for your business?

  • Lend legitimacy to your business
    • Let’s face it, if a company doesn’t have a website nobody under 40 years old will take you seriously. It will be as if you don’t exist at all until you get your company online.
  • Help people find you
    • If people can’t find your business when they search for you, you don’t exist. A website is the expected result, along with Google Maps results if you’re local.
  • Show off!
    • You probably spent a long time making sure your business feels welcoming, inviting, and has a certain flair and style all its own. But if people can’t see photos and great reviews online beforehand, then coming to visit you in person is a gamble. Make sure you show off your interior, customer service, products, and helpful team online – so people feel good about your company before their first visit!