How Does Having a Website Help a Business

This is a great question from one of my readers, who was curious just exactly how having a website helps a business – and if it even does at all. So how does having a website help a business?

First, let’s talk about what NOT having a website does:

When someone searches for your company and no site comes up, it’s as if you simply don’t exist.

When someone wants to see your menu before visiting your restaurant, but it’s nowhere to be found online – they don’t visit.

When someone is curious to see how beautiful and inviting your store is, but the photos aren’t available – they have to assume it’s not worth showing off.

You see, having a website is no longer optional for a business. Keep reading for more info on why this is so important.

So What Ways Does a Website Help a Business?

Let’s jump right in: there are a TON of great benefits for your business to having a website. To understand why, we’ll look at the role a website plays for a company.

Your website is THE central hub for your company. A place to fully express your brand with content, products, interaction, galleries, resources, contact information, forms and newsletter signups, etc. It should be there place where disparate streams of social media, paid advertising, and organic all unify.

  • Your business Instagram links to your website.
  • Your LinkedIn goes to your website.
  • Your targeted Facebook ads go to your website.
  • Your paid mailers or local flyers list your website.
  • Your business cards list your website.
  • Your email is @
  • Your email signature points to your website.
  • Your invoices list your website.
  • Your Google Maps local business listing points to your website.
  • Your organic Google search results pages are from your website.

Everything points towards one unified point – your website.

Not only does your website act as your flyer, your storefront, your calling card, your product, signup for your service, for your newsletter, and a way to contact your customer service – but it also helps you pipe prospective buyers into a funnel. As a result, you’ll gain conversions.

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That’s all, folks! If you’re ready to begin your search for a great web developer to work with, check out my tips for how to find a web developer. Thanks for reading.