How to Update WordPress Theme – [Easy Instructions]

It may sound complicated, but updating your WordPress theme doesn’t have to be difficult. Below, we’ll show you how it’s done, and get your theme updated before you can say “paint me green, and call me a cucumber!”

As with most things in life, there’s an easy way and a hard way to get’er done:

The Ways to Go About It:

Easy Way:

We’ll try the easy way first, and move over to the hard way if this doesn’t work for you.

First, log into your WordPress admin panel:

Once you’ve logged in, click on Appearance > Themes on the left side menu. This will open the themes panel, with all your installed themes.

Any installed themes that are in need of an update will have a yellow band across the top, indicating ‘New Version Available’ and to ‘Update Now’:

Clicking this ‘Update Now’ link will attempt to automatically update the theme. If successful, your theme is now up to date. Congratulations!

If you run into a Connection Information panel instead, you’ll want to enter your FTP or SFTP connection info and try to proceed with the update.

If WordPress is unable to connect with your (S)FTP info, or you’re using a private key instead of a password, proceed to the Hard Way instructions below.

Hard Way:

So the easy way didn’t work. Don’t sweat it, the hard way is still pretty simple! You’ll just need an FTP editor with a connection to your web server.

First, navigate to the WordPress Theme Market and find the same theme you’d like to update:

When you’ve found the theme that matches the one your site uses, click Download. This will save a hard copy of the updated theme to your computer.

Next, fire up your FTP editor and connect to your site. Navigate to the site root, then to:


You should see a folder on the server that matches the theme. This is the folder with the outdated theme copy that we need to overwrite with the one you downloaded.

On the local side of your FTP editor, navigate to the folder you downloaded the new theme to, and drag it over the old one on the server.

NOTE – Any previous customizations to the theme will be lost when you update it.

If you run into any trouble during the update, you can always follow our instructions to revert to the WordPress Default Theme.