Should I Use WordPress?

Let’s face it, WordPress powers the internet. Recent estimates of the percent of sites running on WP have exceeded 30%. No other platform has the reach or market share of Word Press – and for good reason.

Just look at the numerous benefits highlighted in this quick overview:

  • Fast, with Rapid Dev for simpler websites
  • Highly extensible, with more plugins and themes than any other platform
  • Supported – There are numerous programmers and agencies who offer WordPress development services.
  • Multilingual – Easily translate your WordPress site into any language
  • Free!

Below, we delve deeper into the specifics of each of WordPress’ killer advantages.


Wordpress is really fast

WordPress is lightning-fast, and has a ton of optimization plugins available. These include SEO optimization plugins such as Yoast, and caching like W3 Total Cache.

Because of the wide array of themes and plugins, websites can often be built in hours rather than days.


I said it before and I’ll say it again – the number of themes and plugins available in WP is extreme. Someone has come up with a way to do most things, packaged it up, and put it on the plugin marketplace. If your exact situation isn’t addressed in a plugin, it’s often possible to find something similar and have your developer modify it rather than start from scratch.


WordPress powers the internet, so developers support WordPress. It’s very common that your web developer will have at least some WordPress experience. It can also be easier to find and hire a new developer for WP tasks than it may be for less-standard, more complex platforms and frameworks.


At the time of writing this, WP has been translated into 203 languages. Many major plugins also have translations, so keep an eye out for plugins which support the language you need.


WordPress is free software! While some themes and plugins are paid, there are numerous free ones to choose from. even offers free hosting for WP sites (albeit it in extremely limited form). For my clients I generally opt for a reliable paid web host where I can deploy a free copy of Word Press and have full control.

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