WordPress Too Many Redirects

This can be a frustrating error when your WordPress site never resolves – without even a proper error message, the WordPress too many redirects error is an infinite loop that web browsers can’t handle properly.

Not to worry, though! Below we describe a few common solutions to the infinite redirect issue.

Apache / WordPress URL Mismatch:

The most common cause of the WordPress too many redirects is a mismatch between the URL set in your Apache or .htaccess file, and what’s configured in WordPress as your Site URL.


  1. .htaccess is set to redirect all site traffic to www.yoursite.com
  2. The browser honors the .htaccess redirect, redirects, and it hits WordPress
  3. WordPress in configured with a site url of yoursite.com (without the www)
  4. User is redirected to yoursite.com by WordPress
  5. Back to Step 1 and repeat.

the cycle is now complete, and continues to infinity (and beyond!) An infinite redirect loop at its finest.

The solution here is simple – make sure that your .htaccess and your WordPress site config URLs both match. If they didn’t, this should resolve the issue.

If it didn’t solve your issue, proceed to the Disable All Plugins solution below.

Let me know in the comment section if this worked for you!

Disable All Plugins: